Free RISC OS Software.


  !g0pScan is a simple, but fast portscanner for Acorn/RISC OS computers.  


!g0pScan enables you to quickly find out what ports on a computer are 'connectable' to by portscanning through a given range.

Some features include:
  • Extremely fast portscanning. Scans multiple ports concurrently.
  • Detailed service window - gives information on what could be running on the port
  • And other small features



    The main controlling window.   Portscanning in process.


    Download and installation

    Download !g0pScan v0.04 for RISC OS by clicking this link
    Once downloaded, extract the contents of the archive to a desired location, and double click the icon' to start the program running.


    External Credits

    Ian Hawkins (g0tai) - Main program, etc.

    Copyright Ian Hawkins (g0tai)