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  !DeskMorse is a Morse code tutor for Acorn/RISC OS computers.  


Originally written as an aide to helping me learn Morse code so I could pass the RSGB Morse test, !DeskMorse is a full featured morse code tutor for RISC OS aimed at people wanting to improve their morse code skills.

Some features include:
  • QSO (Conversation) simulator
  • QRM (Man made inteference) generator
  • Options to generate Morse as 'Farnsworth' type, Clean 'Computer' Morse, or Emulated Human 'Hand' Morse.
  • Word dictionary - can send you lots of obscure words.
  • Drag & drop text file sending
  • Simple script interface
  • Ability to use the mouse to send Morse code back to DeskMorse and have it decoded
  • Can talk to AEA MorseMachine to send morse
  • Optional 741 serial demodulator interface to receive morse code via audio
  • Many other small features



    The main DeskMorse window.   The preferences window.   Letter/number sending frequencies window.


    Download and installation

    Download !DeskMorse v2.57 for RISC OS by clicking this link
    Once downloaded, extract the contents of the archive to a desired location, and double click the !DeskMorse icon to start the progrm running.


    External Credits

    Ian Hawkins (g0tai) - Main program, templates, sprites, script engine, etc.

    Copyright Ian Hawkins (g0tai)
    Site design copy right(not left) Ian Hawkins.