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Overclocking can give your ageing SA-110 a new lease of life. I'm sure that many people already have taken their stock SA-110 boards over their rated specification by means of the quick and dirty dip-switch hack and are running at somewhere between 233, up to a maximum of 287MHz.

But what if you could go faster...
The StrongARM (as touted by many individuals) generates very little heat. In fact it creates practially none at all, even when overclocked. This is very good news.

A quick overview of overclocking
Overclocking is a quick way of getting more speed from your processor. You might want to do this because it's getting a bit old and past it, or you could have bought a nice system and you want that little bit extra speed.
Generally all overclocking involves is simply increasing the frequency that your processor runs at and seeing if the system will work correctly at the faster setting. More complex methods involve increasing the internal voltages supplied to the processor to increase stability, and also different cooling measures..
An extreme example of cooling PC processors to get massive clock-speed increases would be from Kryotech who basically install a fridge-freezer solution in a PC to remove the large amount of heat generated by the processor and cool it right down to around -40C.
Thankfully due to the low power design of the StrongARM we don't need to install a fridge inside our RiscPC to reach similar low temperatures..
Instead of a fridge, I used 2x 56Watt Peltier heat pumps. These little devices are basically a silicon sandwhich that transfers heat from one side to another (removing heat, cools).
Unfortunately each heat pump consumes 6Amps making it necessary to use another power supply.

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